Pokétoon Anime Shorts Stream in English on Pokémon TV

The Pokémon Company International began streaming the Pokétoon short, "POKÉTOON: Scraggy and Mimikyu," in English on its Pokémon TV streaming platform on Friday. The website will stream the whole series of Pokétoon anime shorts, and the official Pokémon YouTube channel will stream the series later this fall.

The first Pokétoon short, "POKÉTOON: Scraggy and Mimikyu," premiered in June 2020 on the Pokémon Kids TV YouTube channel. All of the eight shorts are already available on that YouTube channel with English subtitles (although some of the shorts do not have dialogue).

Taku Inoue (MAN WITH A MISSION THE ANIMATION) was the animation director of the first short. Yoshiyuki Koie, who was also a producer of the Pokémon: Twilight Wings short animated series, produced the animation. The short featured animations by Miyako Makio, Ryousuke Senbo, Shinichi Suzuki, and Shūya Yoshisato. Tsutomu Ikeda drew the backgrounds, and Kei Tsuda handled the music.

Two new shorts in the series, "Hero ni Naritai Yanchamu" (Pancham Who Wants to Be a Hero) and "Yume no Tsubomi" (Dreaming Tsubomi) debuted in May and June 2021.

The Pokémon Kids TV channel then debuted the "Mattete ne Koiking" (Just Wait, Magikarp) short in July 2021, the "Pokapoka Magumaggu House" (Cozy Slugma House) short in August 2021, the "Gengar ni Nacchatta!?" (I Became a Gengar?!) short in September 2021, the "Fubuki no Natsu Yasumi" (Summer Vacation Blizzard) short in October 2021, and the "Purin no Uta" (Jigglypuff's Song) short in December 2021.

Source: The Pokémon Company's website


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